Thoughts of the real Matt Stone
Presently living a Past life

I had a weekend that many would consider a blast from the past.  A random combination of events that, separately, would not create such a feeling.  My recent practices in mindfulness meditation and living in the present would seem to discourage such practices.  However, I enjoyed it so much and think I have found a rationale to incorporate these feelings effectively. 

 My Friday evening started with a 5 @ 7 at Brutopia.  I spent my university years hanging out at Brutopia and in previous employment; I recall many 5 A 7 events.  In fact, I can recall numerous 5 @ 7 events at Brutopia.  I was invited by a colleague at another office of my employer, and I had a great time.  This alone is great, but nothing special.   

During the 5 @ 7, which went way beyond 7, some of us were hungry and decided to go for a bite at Soup and Noodles nearby.  This restaurant was the location of many cheap eats when out with friends.  I felt a lot like a university student again.  I loved my life during my studies.  There are numerous reasons for that, but we can say that this evening reminded me of good times.

Then I took the metro home.  While waiting, my ex, who I have not seen since our breakup, recognized me and came over to say hi.  Let me make things clear, this encounter did not remind me of great times and the only reason I spoke with her may be that, for the first minute, I didn’t recognize her.  It is just interesting to note that this occurred during my flashback weekend.

Eating at Soup and Noodles had me near my former employer (radio stations).  This had me pleasantly speaking of the stations and my recent attempts to re-insert myself in that life.  I’m not saying that I am near accomplishing this, but it would be nice. 

I have also recovered and redecorated my apartment with a portion of my duck collection.  I’m not re-engaging in the insanity of duck collecting, as I once did, but there are some ducks in my place now.

Saturday night, I had a house party at a friend’s place.  I used to often attend house parties.  There were many people at this party, much alcohol and I did not get home till 4 am.  Nothing major, but this entire evening was a piece of my student life.  Partying late at a house with much booze and no hangover was another f;ashback. 

I felt like this weekend was a blast from my past, but it was during my present.  There are many elements of my life that have changed; many of which I am not able to alter.  Many of my close friends have moved away, I am no longer a student and am working an employment that is done out of necessity.  Though I may be able to take steps to attempt to change the later, it is more important to change what it is in my power to change.  This is my attitude and perception of life events. 

I am not planning on perceiving things as immaturely as I once did, but there are clearly elements of my past actions and perceptions that were to my benefit and should perhaps be engaged in again.  I’m not saying that I have all the answers yet, but I am now more focused on discovering them.  If anyone has any recommendations or thoughts, they are always welcome.